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Say hello to... Jeffrey! He is a 1966 Bedford ca van, customised into our vintage food truck.
Gourmet Griffins van

Rescued from the south coast of England. Everyone thought we were mad! "What are you going to do with it?" After two break downs and being towed all the way home to the Midlands - we too were questioning our own sanity!

Perseverance paid off and Jeffrey now has a new lease of life serving great British food flavours.

He would have brought many a smile to the holiday spots of the UK as a camper and now hopefully more smiles Fuelling Legendary Tastes.


Posh dogs with provenance
Established in 2014, Gourmet Griffin is the creation of two food professionals and lovers of everything that tastes fabulous.

After many years of working in the food industry for growers, manufacturers, global restaurant chains and retailers we decided to take the plunge and go it alone.

We spend most of our lives cooking, eating and experimenting with food and believe this passion should be shared and enjoyed with others, what better way to start doing this than taking Jeffrey to the streets, fields, car parks and any unused spaces going.

So why Hot Dogs?

Because they have so much potential.

We do Dogs different...

Made from British pork blended with our secret herbs and spices recipe, fully loaded with your favourite gourmet topping and served in a rich brioche bun.


Freedom food - rspca monitored

Gourmet Griffin are championing British...

  • Supporting the farmers, growers and artisan producers of our beloved Isles.
  • Our hot dogs are lovingly handmade using proper cuts of Freedom Food
    assured pork from Suffolk pigs.
  • 100% meat - gluten free - natural casings with no artificial nonsense - delicious!


We work directly with people who have the same passion for quality, sustainability, traceability and safety that we do to ensure our ingredients meet our exacting standards.



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